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Date posted: 05/22/2013

Be amazed at the World’s Most Unique Bubble Show

Walking along Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade, you’ll be sure to spot unique talent from local singers to break dancers and even comedians.  If you want to discover Santa Monica further, then make sure to attend the most entertaining Bubble Show in the world, known as the Amazing Bubble Man.  This one-of-a-kind show is performed by the talented Louis Pearl who has learned the skill of ‘bubbling’ over 30 years when he first began his Tangent Toy Company.  His fascination for bubbles started at a young age and to this day he has been performing in front of millions of audiences from around the world.  He will be touring at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica this coming June.  This is no ordinary show nor is it just for kids.  This show is undoubtedly entertaining for both kids and adults.  This show encompasses the art of bubbling through art, magic, science, and creativity.  Pearl entertains the audience by his incredible use of bubbles and skillfully forms these bubbles into unbelievable shapes and sizes. 

amazing bubble show

As an audience member you will be transfixed into the captivating bubble formations created by Pearl himself.  It is common to reminiscence on your own childhood while attending this show.  Bubbles take us back to when we were kids and running around the front yard blowing bubbles.  Now as adults, we can learn to appreciate the art and science of bubbles when watching The Amazing Bubble Man Show.  Pearl entertains the audience through his comedic gestures and bubble tricks.  He also keeps his audience engaged by encouraging their participation in his tricks.  One of his most acclaimed tricks is putting audience members inside a bubble, which is a definitely a unique experience for anyone participating.  Pearl delivers his tricks with such enthusiasm and perfection, making him such an admirable entertainer.  Kids will absolutely enjoy the awe-inspiring bubble formations which include giant bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, giant bubbles, tornado bubbles, and bubbles inside of bubbles.  Adults will enjoy Pearl’s comedic delivery and unbelievable circus-like acts. 

When the show is over, you’ll be left wondering how these bubble formations were made possible.  As Pearl would explain, bubbleology is an art and a science that incorporates aerodynamics, physics and even imagination.    If you don’t believe it for yourself, then take this opportunity to attend one of his four shows taking place on June 22, 23, 29, or 30.   By attending one of these shows, you’ll learn the beauty and art of bubble science.  If you’re staying in Santa Monica, then make sure to invite the entire family to this unique show. 

Event Details:

Date: June 22-23, 29-30

Time: Vary from 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m

Location: Edgemar Center

2437 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Admission: Adults $20

Children $15

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