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Date posted: 04/25/2014

Check Out Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival!

Returning once more this May, the Cinema at The Edge Independent Film Festival is a key part of the work of the Edgemar Centre. This May 7 – 11th, the Festival will once again be host to a number of narrative and documentary feature film programs, short movies, discussion panels and other interactive events to mark another year in film. Uniting the public with industry leading experts, cultural leaders and media directors as well as the artists so integral to the process, the Festival is a celebration of everything that happens in the West Side and beyond the boundaries of Hollywood. If you already know where to stay in Santa Monica, be sure to check out this exciting event! 

Initially, The Cinema at The Edge was held between two theaters of the Edgemar Centre, with more than 5,500 visitors attending it each year. Today, the event screens in excess of 50 feature films and short films to an audience built of visitors from around the world, including a number of VIPs and celebrity guests as well. This year’s event will be presenting films in all of the established categories, with one of the central themes to the program being ‘growth.’ Interpreted in several ways by the artists involved in the experience, this theme not only reflects the rapid growth of life in the West Side, but also broader, human concerns. With parties and events running alongside the film screenings, this is an occasion which is not to be missed. Moreover, Jury Awards and Audience Prizes will be distributed in each category, making it an exciting way to participate in the future of cinematography. Each year, the standout films from the event are put towards a screening for potential distributors and given the opportunity for a major acquisition. The juries, comprised of some of the brightest and biggest names in the industry, make influential decisions based on audience perception and their own responses to films created by these new local talents.


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