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Date posted: 04/04/2014

Experience Santa Monica's Nightlife!

When looking where to stay in Santa Monica with a beach view, keep in mind Santa Monica has more to offer than just sun and sand. Once the sun sets there are many more entertainment options available which bring the city to life in a whole new way. Ranging from big nightclubs playing the latest hits to more unusual venues, lounges featuring elegant musical soirees to the popular Santa Monica Pier Concert Series, everyone will find something they love.

For bars and places to catch a drink with friends and family, the diversity of Santa Monica really shines through. Practically everything that can be imagined is available, from patio and open air rooftop retreats to traditional ‘homestyle’ venues, pool halls and modern spots. Some favorites include the 4th Street Grill, Bar Chloe, Air Conditioned, Basement Tavern at the Victorian, Sunshine’s Café and Grill, Barney’s Beanery, Sonoma Wine Garden, The Commons Ale House, The Bungalow and Stefan’s at LA Farm. Whether you are looking for a quiet night with unique cocktails, a romantic place to take a date or somewhere a little more lively, there’s a bar to meet everyone’s needs.

As for nightclubs and places to dance the night away, a mixture of venues combine electronica and upbeat hits while alternatives are themed speakeasy halls. Barcopa, Trip, Circle Bar, Busby’s, Main on Main, Zanzibar and The Room S.M. are the best in Santa Monica, with popular followings of locals and visitors alike who return time and time again for evenings they remember forever. Moreover, at a number of the bars and nightclubs in Santa Monica there is enthusiastic support for the city wide Happy Hour. Drinks and appetizers are offered by all kinds of venue, from the small local bars to the top end beachfront hotels, at special Happy Hour prices. A full list of venues and their respective special offers is available on the internet.

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