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Date posted: 07/29/2013

Explore Santa Monica at the Watson Adventures

Join in on the most exciting and interesting scavenger hunt in Southern California known as the Watson Adventures Santa Monica Pier Pressure.  This is the perfect activity for adults looking for something adventurous to do in Santa Monica besides the usual beach outings.  Take a date to explore the beautiful city of Santa Monica.  Ditch the usual movie and dinner date, and bring your date to experience a unique kind of adventure.  If you’re already staying at a hotel in Santa Monica and would like to explore the many attractions of Santa Monica, then participate in the Watson Adventures on Saturday, August 10 at 5:30pm.  The Watson Adventures is literally a scavenger hunt where you will be able to uncover hidden treasures and secrets of Santa Monica pier.  In addition, this scavenger hunt will take you on a escapade into Palisades Park, various movie locations, historic art and photos, menacing cannons, a massive storm, a suspenseful shoot-out, a 19th-century tavern, a robot invasion, and a 500-pount giant shark just to name a few.    Participants will search for clues that will eventually lead them to historical artifacts and replicas like a mini-Stonehenge and the Holy Grail.  This activity is great for big groups and corporate team building since teamwork and camaraderie are highly encouraged during the hunt.  If you’re a thrill-seeker and love to be challenged then this is the event for you.  You will find yourself meeting great people and discovering new adventures along the way. 

Watson Adventures Santa Monica

So how does this scavenger hunt work you may ask?  Well for one, it is not your typical scavenger hunt where you merely hunt for tangible objects instead you will be given clues to find out the answers to some tricky questions and funny riddles about intriguing places you discover as you tour around Santa Monica.  This game typically lasts for about two hours so make sure to wear comfy shoes.  During the hunt you will discover that everyone has at least one skill to contribute.  Since this requires a team effort, it is important that every member get involved in some way to solve the different puzzles and speed up the race.  Some of the places you are likely to visit include movie theatres, museums, historic landmarks and more.  Be prepared to put your thinking cap on as this involves a lot of problem-solving skills.  If you can’t make it to this particular hunt, the Watson Adventures also hosts scavenger hunts in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles throughout the year.  Check out Watson Adventures website for upcoming events in your area.  Tickets to the Santa Monica Pier Pressure hunt are $22.00 for adults.  To purchase tickets, click here.  We hope to see you hunting!


Photo courtesy of Watson Adventures

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