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Date posted: 09/06/2013

Spend a Day at the Santa Monica Museum of Art!

The Santa Monica Museum of Art, founded in 1984, has become the largest art gallery and complex in Southern California. A ‘kunsthalle’ or ‘non collecting art gallery,’ the Santa Monica Museum of Art is home to programs and exhibitions featuring the most pivotal moments in history in contemporary culture. Many of the exhibitions focus directly on contemporary life in Los Angeles as well as its rich and diverse history. The museum plays a key role in international art dialogue, having two project rooms and one large Main Gallery, offering spaces appropriate to all manner of art installations. If you already have lodging in Santa Monica, then head over to the Santa Monica Museum of Art for a day at the museum!

In general, the art presented at the Santa Monica Museum of Art is innovative, created by both new and aspiring artists in the community as well as more established artists. The exhibitions are a representation of twentieth century visual culture, encompassing the finest examples of craftsmanship and artistry to be found in the area.

Upcoming exhibitions at the museum include work from three modern mixed media artists. The first, by Ara Dymond is entitled ‘Famous, New York, Modernism Everywhere’ and is her first exhibition in California. Ara Dymond is a New York based artist using sculpture and video footage to explore the division between art and life in the modern world. In another exhibition coming up this year, Mathew Zefeldt’s striking ‘Forms Forming Forms’ explores still life in a background of hallucinatory stripes, chevron and plaid patterns. It is his first exhibition as an emerging artist in the Bay Area, set to create real interest in his unique work. Thirdly, a joint exhibition presented by Yutaka Sone and Benjamin Weissman explores the mythology they have created built upon ‘Snow’ – athletics, forests and mischief combine in the Main Gallery, including full size animatronic ski mountain alongside paintings and sculptures to create a winterscape in Los Angeles.

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